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In this month's issue: With the spirit of peace and desire for unity, Religio Magazine investigates, shares, and promotes tolerance regarding our differences, finding and harnessing our similarities. This understanding is so important because our future and our world belongs to all of us, regardless of color, creed, or ideology.

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Survey Shows: Bible Left Unread During Pandemic

During pandemic, people’s engagement in social media and news may have increased. Unfortunately, this is inconsistent with people’s engagement in the Bible. According to the State




What causes greed and how can we deal with it?

By Laura E. Alexander, University of Nebraska Omaha – Recent news stories have highlighted unethical and even lawless actions taken by people and corporations that were

The changing nature of sacred spaces

[The Multi-faith Chapel at Hebrew Senior Life / Newbridge On The Charles, Dedham, Massachusetts.] Randall Armor, CC BY-NC-ND — Wendy Cadge, Brandeis University — [dropcaps]C[/dropcaps]ongregational membership

Why the legacy of Shakers will endure

By Joanne M. Pierce, College of the Holy Cross— [dropcaps]O[/dropcaps]n Monday, Jan. 2, Shaker Sister Frances Carr died at the age of 89. She had been


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