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Freedom from Self

By Audrey Tan — [dropcaps]F[/dropcaps]reedom. Most of the time we think of the term in a simplistic, linear way. But it is, in fact, complex and multifaceted.

Sound of Freedom

By Hansol Hwang — The sound of a wren, a sharp and subtle whisper through the ages. Flightless are the words that settle on the pages. Soundless


By Debra Him — Four different seasons, making different reasons to enjoy all of God’s creation. Depending on the season our homes begin to change but

Faith Within Abuse

By Dahlia Lewis– [dropcaps]F[/dropcaps]aith is something you hold on to when times are rough. Faith is something you cling onto as the light at the end

Are Your Beliefs Just Skin Deep?

Op/Ed | By Audrey Tan — We are a product of little moments, habits and intakes of organized and disorganized thoughts, words and noises all added

Remembrance and Repercussions of 9/11

By Harlton Fitzherbert — The tragedy of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 brought Americans together to grieve and mourn for the lost. Now 14 years later, the effects

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