King David: Warrior, Artist, and Jewish Leader

king david

[dropcaps]D[/dropcaps]avid was the second king of Israel, and prominent figure in the religion Judaism.  According to Biblical narrative, David was the youngest of seven sons from Jesse. He was also requested to play the lyre for Saul as a way to relieve him from an evil spirit.  What David is most notable for is his battle against Philistine giant Goliath, who challenged the Israelite to send in any single Israelite for a one-on-one combat.  With a stone attack from his slingshot, the young and frail David defeated Goliath, sending the Philistines out of Israel in terror.  Upon David’s victory, then-current king Saul requested David as commander over his armies; he would eventually become king of Israel after Saul’s death during battle, anointed by prophet Samuel in Judah. David’s legacy in the Jewish tradition remains in his recognition as one of the most righteous kings of Israel, while also known as the author of a large amount of the book of Psalms, found in the Hebrew Bible.

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