seasons-thumbBy Debra Him —

Four different seasons, making different reasons to enjoy all of God’s creation.

Depending on the season our homes begin to change but God he truly stays the same.

As the year goes by, the seasons never cease and this world continues to increase.

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, He made it all, and through it all the trees still stand tall.

The many colors of fall reminds us of the work that was done awhile ago as we recall.

The rain given as a blessing in due season, without it it would be dry season…

Winter comes along and reminds us of God’s son who came into this world to bring hope to those who had none.

Now the cold is long gone and spring comes out of the dawn.

Flowers bloom along as the birds sing their song.

God shows us this beautiful time all year long.

The summer comes by so strong, so let’s not forget our rights and wrongs so we can move along.


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