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Counsellingnew-years-eve-resolutions-kaleidoscope-mental-health-services-melbournegeelong-werribee-motivation-anxietyAnother year has gone by, the halls have been decked, and joy has come riding into the world for the holiday season. The radio returns to its normal buzz of mainstream music as the bells lay silent, while dreams of a white Christmas are left behind.
The familiar countdown introduces the world to a new year. For some, the New Year means a new beginning. For others, the New Year, along with hope and determination, comes with a list of resolutions. Whether there are a few or many resolutions, one aspect is certain: they must be achieved.
Let’s face it. We have resolutions every year. If you are the type that fulfills each one then kudos. But if you are the type that has the same resolutions every year, then kudos for not giving up. Last year’s determination may have lasted a short sprint, but this year the determination will hopefully last about a marathon. Remember, a year is a long time and you can’t possibly plan to run like a sprinter in a marathon: that is 26-miles, 365 days, 52 weeks, or 12 months.
You are probably expecting to see a numbered list of steps that will magically guide you in fulfilling your New Year’s resolution, but more than a list of steps, the question we need to ask ourselves is, “Why couldn’t I achieve my goals in the past?”
Questions lead to more questions, and eventually the questions will lead to an answer.
The reason may be a fault within our foundation. There may or may not be a foundation to begin with. There are countless amount of steps one can take in order to achieve his or her resolutions, but without a foundation, one will not be able to take or follow any steps.
Positivity and optimism is the driving force that is necessary in achieving resolutions. This is the core foundation that is needed. Without positivity and an optimistic mind, it will be hard to push through to the end of another year.
Without this mindset there is no substance. Without substance goals become meaningless. They become light words that float through the air and come back next year to bite back.
A car cannot move without an engine and a human cannot remain active without a heart. Everything needs a drive, motivation, and determination. When there is no motion, things become lifeless, and goals remain unfulfilled. There needs to be an engine that pushes these goals to completion.
On a number line, positive numbers move forwards while negative numbers continue backwards. Simply put, positivity in its nature is designed to move forward. Positivity is the basic building block needed to accomplish goals.
Life is positivity and positivity is life. The living and breathing are meant to move forwards. Ultimately the purpose of life is to live. The opposite of this leans on a more morbid side: death. One can look at negativity as a representation of death as they both have similar characteristics. Life is a culmination of accomplishments and successes. Negativity does not support the goals of life, but hinders people from living.
This brings us to another idea. This idea is that are thoughts dictate our outcomes and actions. One can think either positively or negatively of a situation. For example, one can either think, “I can do it” or “I can’t do it.” The one who says that he or she cannot do it, will not be able to accomplish anything. On the other hand, the one who says that he or she can do it, then accomplishing a goal becomes a possibility. The positive person has a hope and dream that pulls them forward towards a brighter future.
Imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never had a dream, hope, and determination. The future of civil rights would have been bleak. It is the positive mindset that gives the drive. The mindset is the difference.
According to the website Psychology Today in the Aug. 2 article titled “Happy Brain, Happy Life,” every thought produces brain chemicals. Having positive thoughts decreases cortisol levels and produces serotonin which is a chemical in the brain that regulates mood. As a result the brain will be able to function at its best.
A positive and optimistic mindset will allow you to accomplish your resolutions. It is imperative to be consistent. Think of every situation in a positive way. Setting resolutions is already a positive step because it signifies a need to change for the better.
Positivity is the fuel that will push us forward. So have a dream, be determined, and be hopeful this year. Once you build that foundation and train yourself to be positive, your goals will all fall into place.

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