Why Should We Pray?

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[dropcaps]P[/dropcaps]rayer is a means by which spiritual people connect with the superior being as a way to share hurts, problems, hopes, and ultimately anything else on our minds with the one being whom we believe is always listening. Prayer allows us to exercise our faith by believing the superior being can and will come to our aid in whatever we ask within the parameters of his will.

Some benefits of prayer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improves one’s attitude

Prayer allows a person to think clearly about his or her situation. Sometimes it is easier to think clearly about a difficult situation when you have someone to share it with or say it out loud to, therefore prayer can be an effective method to do so.

  • Gives hope

When a person prays, he believes that his words are being heard by a higher being who has more wisdom, more control, and more power than regular human beings. It is for this reason that a person who prays becomes hopeful, because he or she believes that the superior being will accomplish what the person cannot.

  • Reduces stress levels

People most commonly pray in times of difficulty and trial, which can significantly increase their stress levels. When a person prays, being able to think clearly and depending on the superior being to help overcome that difficulty helps the person to have more peace of mind.

  • Gives a better understanding of oneself

Prayer can also be a way for a person to reflect upon him- or herself. The person can see his or her worries, desires, weaknesses, strengths, and goals.

  • Improves physical health

Several studies show that a person who prays shows significant decrease in heart disease, emphysema and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

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Gatwick Airport Chaplaincy

This is why so many spiritual people participate in prayer: it is helpful not only spiritually, but mentally and physically as well.

Prayer is a commonality among the majority of major religions around the world, and because of that, universal prayer houses exist for people of different religions to come together in a single location and pray together for the good of each other and, consequently, the good of the world.

Below is a list of a few famous universal prayer houses around the globe along with their respective addresses and brief descriptions, as well as phone numbers or links to websites of current rising interfaith prayer groups for those interested in taking another small but significant step to religious understanding and peace.



Interfaith Peace Project
Interfaith Center & Library
4740 Matterhorn Way Antioch, CA, US 94531


Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding
77 Sherman St
Hartford, CT, US 06108
(860) 509-9506


Universal Prayer House
532 Rankin St NE, Atlanta, GA, US 30308
(404) 577-7847


Interfaith Prayer Service International
1166 Oak St, Eugene, OR, US


Interfaith Ministry Services


Interfaith Family


Interfaith Spirit


World Prayers


Universal House of Prayer and Learning (under construction)
St. Peter’s Square, Berlin, Germany

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